The Hungarian Scout Association in Exteris holds a Jamboree Camp (“Jubi tábor”) once every five years. This is a scout camp on a large scale: we are expecting nearly 800 participants at the Jamboree Camp in August 2020. On the final weekend, the headcount – including visitors – will exceed 1000 persons.

The Jamboree Camp is an excellent opportunity to meet and get to know expat Hungarian scouts from throughout our organization, including groups arriving from other continents. The majority of participants hail from North America (Chicago, New York, New Jersey, Washington, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa, and Montreal). Scouts from Calgary, California and Vancouver, as well as Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Western Europe and Australia, will be attending. Hungarian scout contingents from the Carpathian basin – Transylvania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia as well as Hungary – will also participate. Hungarian Scouting is truly a global organization!



Mailing Address:


Child’s Name and Sub-Camp

5098 Robinson Rd.

Fillmore, NY 14735

Phone Number: 585-567-8594 (For emergencies only. Messages will be relayed to campers via camp staff.)



Scout Camp Address: 10993 County Road 15, Fillmore, NY  14735.

WARNING!!! Most internet maps (Googlemaps, Mapquest, etc.) will not take you all the way to the exact location – you must keep an eye out for local addresses.